Posted by: thatjen | September 11, 2008

This Is Tandem Nursing

I walked into the kitchen just now for some non-food related reason I’ve since forgotten (throwing out trash? washing my hands?) and emerged with a bowl of mashed potatoes, a slice and a half of banana bread, and a Coke.  And no, that’s not lunch!



  1. Absolutely. The hunger I’ve experienced this time with nursing just one truly pales in comparison to what I felt nursing twins. Keep up the good working – and eating!!!

  2. Sounds like Teddy’s still living up to his prenatal nickname!

    You must let us know how quickly the baby weight drops off. My bet: fast. Super-fast. Stupid Comcast commercial fast.

  3. That is some serious carb-loading you’re doing there! Go mama, go!

  4. I should probably not mention I’m dying to try this doughnut recipe I found. You’re probably the only woman of our acquaintance whose caloric requirements they fit perfectly…

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