Posted by: thatjen | September 15, 2008

School Days

Natalie started school last Monday.  Although the timing (2 days after Teddy’s birth) wasn’t ideal, we specifically chose to have her start school this fall because of her impending sibling.  We wanted her to have something that was clearly her own, and we wanted the sibling to have some 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 time with the mom(s).  The school we found is pretty much the classic nursery school – in a church, play focused with a very small class (8 kids, 1 teacher, 1 co-op parent), three mornings a week – with a plus: it’s Spanish immersion, which is great with all of Natalie’s native-Spanish-speaking grandmothers (3 out of 5 living grandmas). We also wanted her to have the chance to socialize with a group of kids on a regular basis (which is particulalrly good in hindsight as her playgroup seems to have fallen apart over the summer).

With two moms (and several grandparents) who teach, school has always been a part of Natalie’s life, and we were sure she’d be exicted to go to HER OWN school.  We just didn’t realize HOW EXCITED.  Even with all the chaos of the past week and a half, she is delighted with school.  She doesn’t like the part when Cait leaves (and neither does Cait, who’s called me in tears more than once on the way home) but she loves everything else.

  • Every morning when she wakes up, she asks if it is a school day.
  • There’s a potty “the right size for me”!
  • Every day they go out to the “park” (playground), she tells us with great glee, “with SWINGS!”
  • When she went out with her beloved aunt this weekend, she listed off the names of her classmates*.
  • Last week, after I asked her to put something in the trash, she puffed out her chest and proudly told me, “Mommy, at school we call it garbage.”**
  • Yesterday she played “line up” by the front door for several minutes and told me that “You have to listen and stay in line.  The stairs are VERY DANGEROUS.”
  • And this morning, she gleefully played “Circle Time” for nearly half an hour, singing “Circle time, circle time for everybody in the world” as she lay diaper inserts on the rug in a vaguely ovoid pattern.  She demanded that the whole family come join her on the spots on the rug, although Teddy and I declined.  She was finally convinced to stop playing circle time so she could go to school for actual circle time, but it took some doing….

I hear her coming through the door now.  I can’t wait to hear how today went!

*Who in Natalie’s world include Brian and Susie from the Laurie Berkner Band, according to this morning’s listing.
**Although Spanish immersion, the first few weeks are primarily English for the two-year olds.  However, she’s already willing to speaking a bit more Spanish at home as well.



  1. That’s wonderful! Go Natalie!

  2. The school sounds great and I love the commentary from Natalie!

  3. *chuckle*

    What fun! I’m glad she’s enjoying school so much.

  4. Oh! I’m glad she’s loving it so much!

  5. Glad to hear she’s adjusting so well. Sounds like you are all settling into life as a family of 4. Congratulations.

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