Posted by: thiscait | October 6, 2008


Teddy is one month old today.  As I type, he is snuffling/snoring in the crook of my arm, and the cuddly warmth of his little body is making me long for sleep.  This post may not get finished tonight.  He is becoming more and more alert these days–looking around, making eye contact with us, seeming to notice and take in more of the world around him.  We like to pretend we know what he’s noticing and thinking.  Before we know it, he’ll be talking and telling us just how wrong we are.  We are doing the same basket pictures with him that we’ve done with Natalie.  Here he is at one month.

I went to school with Natalie today as the co-oping parent.  It was fascinating to watch her with teacher eyes from time to time.  You know that over-eager kid who can’t raise a hand or wait for a turn and has to call out whatever is on her mind?  That’s my girl.  Ah well.  She may drive her teachers nuts, but I’m proud of her confidence.  Her teacher also told me that Natalie is very good at letting people know what her needs and desires are.  Heh.  I can only imagine.  But again, while I send my apologies to her future teachers, I’m thrilled that she’s comfortable enough to speak up for herself.  My childhood self could have used a solid dose of that.

Somehow we have been staying up needlessly, ridiculously late these days.  I think inertia makes it hard to leave the couch once Natalie is in bed.  But it must end.  And I must move, sleepy boy in my armpit and all.


  1. They are both adorable!

    I feel that in many way, self confidence included, Malka and Natalie share many traits. She VERY much takes after me that way. Teachers loved, and yet were annoyed by, me. I think the same is happening with Malka.

    But I also concur – that self confidence is priceless!

  2. They are both so beautiful! I love Natalie’s smile.

    I hope Natalie keeps that self-confidence forever. You can LEARN to raise your hand first, after all.

    Get some sleep! 🙂

  3. awwww. so so cute.
    I love hearing that Natalie is so confident in school. I hope she remains that way. I was totally the hand raiser, squirm in chair, PLEASE PICK ME, gal and proud of it! Go Nat, go!


  4. Teddy’s such a big boy already and Natalie is adorable. But you knew that already. I love your header picture too.

  5. Good to hear from you! Wow, Teddy looks so big to me! But I have preemies, so I’m the worst judge ever. They are both adorable in those photos.
    M is a lot like Natalie, it sounds like, and I too have to laugh as a teacher. My other one, J, is a future class clown, I’m convinced. It is quite bizarre to be on the other side of the parent-teacher relationship!

  6. So sweet. I love the picture at the top of the page. Now, get off the computer if you are on here and get some sleep. It is a precious commodity!


  7. hey i can really see Natalie in Teddy – or the other way around – in that photo!

    My mother said of me – when a teacher found my confidence a bit confronting. That being able to speak up ‘might not be the most attractive quality in a school aged child but it is a damned good quality in a grown woman’

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