Posted by: thiscait | November 4, 2008

A Conversation

Yesterday on the way home from school…

Me: Natalie, if you look out your window, there’s another Obama sign.
N: I think I’ll wear my bathing suit.
Me: Wear your bathing suit? When?
N: Tomorrow. When we vote.
Me: [???] Um, I thought you could wear your voting shirt from Gram.
N: But it’s going to be very deep.
Me: OH! Honey, it’s voting. V-v-v-voting. Not boating. [launches into explanation of voting process]

Jen conducted a two-year-old social studies lesson this morning before we left to vote. I think she gets it now.


  1. Sanna thought we said “boating” too. She isn’t as modest as Natalie; she wanted to go naked.

  2. Boating might be more fun! But um, not in November.

  3. hee hee. LOVE it!

  4. Seriously – the THIRD story I have heard in the last hour about toddlers/preschoolers thinking there were boats involved. Huh. Weird, but cool.

  5. That is the funniest thing I have heard this entire election season! LOVE IT!

  6. Sadly it’s not just toddlers – I remember watching an episode of West Wing with J – towards the end she expressed surprise that they hadn’t showed any shots of the boats with the postmen on them. Yup, the issue was postal votes.

  7. When my daughter was two she was so disapointed when voted. She thought she was going sail boating and cried andcried! So another story of toddler vote/boat confusion!

  8. Heh. My son (2 yrs) also thought we were going to a boat and said so on the way to the site. And then later in the night I heard something about a goat…

  9. I love that. Natalie rocks!

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