Posted by: thiscait | November 30, 2008


Apparently we’ve been doing our own NaNOBloPoMo. No real reason. Lack of hands/brain cells/time maybe. Computer problems. Travel. Inertia. We’re still here, though. Generally doing OK. Entering Jen’s last week of leave, and the last week before my trial by fire as a SAHM really begins. Just returned from a visit with family in Michigan. While driving, I was composing posts in my head, but now I’m just tired, sad for friends that are hurting, and generally flattened. So…maybe in December.



  1. Is it really possible? I can’t believe her leave is up already — it seems like you just posted the breathless news of his birth! Good luck with being the SAHM, Cait…There are days I’m going crazy doing it with one (even now that Mr. W’s commute to the office is just a trip down the basement stairs) — will keep my fingers crossed that SAHMx2 is no harder than 1!

  2. Yeah, I can’t believe maternity leave is over, either!

    I think having a new baby and an active toddler would be excuse enough, you know. No other explanations necessary!

  3. I have MISSED you guys!!
    can’t believe that leave is over- seems just like yesterday…
    xoxo to you all

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