Posted by: thiscait | December 11, 2008

Because there’s not time for a detailed post

I started a post sometime last week. It’s still sitting, incomplete, in my list of drafts, and I’m accepting that I may never finish it. So here’s the summary:


  • Climbed out of the Pack N Play while in Michigan
  • Transferred climbing skill to crib within two days of return
  • Is now sleeping in a big girl bed, combining that transition with the adjustment to being back at home after over a week of travel, Jen’s return to work, and fun with poop anxiety.
  • Sleep has been shit and both Natalie and I are sporting major eye circles, but things are moving in a better direction on all fronts.  Knock wood and all that.
  • Is loving school and goes around singing in Spanish and telling us about calendars.


  • Is huge.  Outgrowing 3-6 month stuff in his torso.  His legs would probably still fit in 0-3.
  • Turned 3 months last weekend.
  • Started taking zantac for reflux after his 6 wk appointment.  Quickly stopped the near-constant arching that we thought was due to his position in utero/at birth.  Switched to prevacid a few weeks ago.  Is a much happier, grinnier, mellow guy.
  • The above-mentioned mellow quickly goes out the door if there are sudden loud noises, or if he’s tired, or if we’re taking too damn long to get the food INTO HIS MOUTH!
  • Is learning to take a bottle from me, but still sometimes has to be held away from my body in order to take it.  Otherwise he’ll start searching for alternative sources after a few sucks.  He is NOT pleased when they are not there.
  • Is learning to control his arms and hands enough to reach for and grab the toys on his floor gym.
  • Rolled over (front to back) for the first (intentional) time today.
  • Is fabulously snuggly and wonderful.


  • Went back to work on Tuesday.
  • Spends most of the evening with Teddy attached to her or screaming to nurse (despite guzzling massive quantities of milk while she’s gone).
  • Has been battling with our insurance company to get them to reimburse for the birth.  Among other things.
  • Will speak for herself on the rest, because it’s not really fair for me to.


  • Am adjusting to having both of our kids plus extras on my own.  It’s going better than I feared it might, but it has only been a few days.  I’m sure there’s plenty of mayhem to come.
  • With Jen gone, am more aware of the fact that I am no longer working at my school (except for those sub days I did).  I certainly don’t miss the stress of teaching.  Will be interested to see how my opinions change over the course of this year.
  • Finally spoke with my psych doc about the possibility of ADD.  We agreed that, despite the fact that I was an excellent student, there’s enough in my past and present to indicate attention problems.  It’s nice to have some reassurance that I’m not just a lazy, stupid slob.  We added Wellbutrin to the anti-depressant I was already on, rather than jumping to the heavier-duty meds.  It’s too early to really tell, but it seems to be helping.  At least with energy and depression symptoms.  But with that, maybe I won’t care as much that I can’t focus…
  • Through the summer and fall, had increasing pain in my hands, to the point where I couldn’t grate cheese, open containers, or scoop ice cream.  Or knit.  I assume it’s just Lyme rearing its ugly head again.  Also increased knee pain and general body crankiness.  I started seeing an acupuncturist shortly after Teddy was born, and he has done amazing things for my pain level.  Of course, it’s been a few weeks now (because we’re broke), and it’s creeping back.  But slowly.  Now that Jen is back at work, we should be able to better afford it (especially since insurance has been covering some of it), but the scheduling is more difficult.
  • Have to stop writing now, because someone is waking up.


  1. so glad for an update from your tribe! I missed you guys lots. Sounds like everything is going well. smoooches to you all.

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