Posted by: thatjen | December 12, 2008

I am a Twit

Forgive me, Internets, for I have sinned. It has been I-do-not-know-how-long since my last post, and I don’t forsee a real post coming from me any time soon. So I have joined Twitter in order to share with you the few words I can string together here and there. Those of you that are likely to be interested in following me should know how to find me. If I don’t know you and you want to be in my TwitPosse, emaill addition problems [a t] gmail [d o t] com and I will (most likely) hook you up.

This should also allow me to do status updates on FB from work (I sucked it up and joined that, too – I’m SUCH a follower these days), even though FB is blocked. I hope.

And, for your entertainment, I hereby paste in my first two Tweets:

>>Sucked it up – joined Twitter, too. And you know what pushed me over the edge? A PITA parent!!!

>>ATTN Annoying Parent: If YOU return your kid’s book to the public library, it’s not MY job to “do anything you can to make him feel better”!



  1. What, no warm cookies and milk for little Pierpont? Surely that will soothe his pain for having such an annoying parent.

  2. How do you stop yourself rolling your eyes?!

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