Posted by: thatjen | January 22, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

Originally uploaded by jrustdc

I intended to post this on Tuesday, shortly after I took the picture. That didn’t happen, but we’re still pretty happy about the inauguration, so better late than never, right?

I feel like a bit of a loser admitting that, while we live in DC, we watched the event on TV rather than in person. But the crowds, the cold weather (combined with how early we’d have to get there to have any chance of being anywhere on the mall), and the restrictions on what could be brought in (many things essential for keeping small children happy for many cold hours would not have been OK) made it somewhat impractical to go with two small children. And we wouldn’t have wanted to witness it without them. So we watched from home, after a lovely brunch with neighbors watching early coverage.

Natalie was fascinated and excited. So much so that she dragged her little potty out into the living room rather than take the time away from the event to pee. She has asked several times since Tuesday when we are going to meet Obama, and when he is coming to our house. Somehow, “never” seems like the wrong answer, even if it’s most likely true.

How was your “Obama Day?”


  1. Aww. Wouldn’t that be a nice house guest! But I imagine he is pretty busy.

  2. That is a GREAT picture.

  3. Malka has decided that Sacha and Melia live in Washington DC with Natalie.

    MAYBE if we stick a picture up at your place, it will pass for her? 😉

  4. So cute! Just wanted to pass along an alternative lyme protocol that worked for a woman blogger I read. Couldn’t hurt to look, right? Warning, this mom lost her son and this blog is about him as well. Sometimes sad to read.

  5. This makes me feel a bit better… I was feeling a touch loser-ish for not having gone back to DC for the event. But it’s a good thing I didn’t buy plane tickets, because it would have been impossible for me to attend the Inauguration on crutches. I’d wanted to take the boy — at six, he’d remember it — but he would probably have been bored and miserable. I don’t think any of us could have handled the cold, either; the temperature here dipped down to the 50s, and we’ve been whining about it.

    So instead I sat on my couch, under a blanket, with my injured foot wrapped in a heating pad, and I watched MSNBC coverage for twelve hours straight.

  6. so cute! our daughter always asks when people are coming over to our house too, i.e. her teachers, my moms friends, random people at the grocery store, etc.

  7. What delicious babies you have! So cute!

  8. Our day was good.

    Your babies are adorable! I love that photo.

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