Posted by: thiscait | February 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

First of all, here is the video discussed in yesterday’s twitters.  It took some fighting with the camera, as always, but it’s finally up.  Yes, you are hearing another baby in the background at some points.  I edited out the parts that actually show her, since asking her parents for permission would mean telling them we have a blog, and we don’t really like to just spread that info around willy-nilly.

Much to our annoyance, none of the various grandparents saw fit to give Teddy the babydoll on his Christmas list.  The car, yes.  The baby, no.  Much to our twisted joy, he fell in love with a brightly colored doll at a friend’s birthday party over the weekend.  After he spent a great deal of time drooling on her, they said we could keep her.  He loves her.  He talks to her.  He chews on her pigtails with gusto.  We’ll go ahead and buy him the babydoll to give at a later date, because as much as he loves his sister’s, she’s a little possessive of them.

I am doing better than I was when I wrote my last post.  Jen and I have had some hard conversations, have made some minor changes in our weekly routines, and I’m also going back to my shrink on Monday to talk about switching meds again.  I’m still finding the entire homestudy process frustrating and insulting, but I don’t think that’s going to change.

We’ve realized that Natalie is, in fact, going to turn 3 in two months, no matter how much we may enjoy our denial.  After watching her carefully and happily move dollhouse furniture around other people’s dollhouses and admire the little teeny details, we started exploring the world of dollhouses.  And then quickly realized that we so don’t have floor space for any of them.  So we’re trying a variation on this.  Made of wood instead of foam core.  It will come apart and store flat until she wants to use it.  In our heads, it looks great.  Hopefully the reality will be OK too.  We’ll let you know.

For whatever reason, I seem to be incapable of putting a picture or video or anything fancy into wordpress posts.  Any words of wisdom?


  1. What a strong boy! He’s adorable.

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