Posted by: thiscait | February 22, 2009

Why the mere thought of her teenage years makes me tremble

The scene:
Jen and Natalie are getting ready for the day, Cait is showering, Teddy is squirming around and chewing on toys. Jen informs Natalie that jumping on the bed while holding onto the bedrail is not a safe choice, and that she really needs to get dressed before her uncle comes over. Natalie starts to make up her own rules about the bed jumping, so Jen interrupts.

J: Natalie, I get to make the rules about that.
N: (grabs something invisible from the air) I just took the rules out of your mouth.

We are so, so in for it.


  1. Yeah, I think this on a regular basis — if this child is saying/doing this at THIS age, what will she/he (honestly — it’s always a she) going to be like at 14?!

    Then I try very hard to forget that thought. (Shiver)

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