Posted by: thatjen | February 26, 2009

Sleep Deprivation. It Makes You Smart.

Convenience got the best of my frugality today and I added the 300 text message plan to each of our phones. (Well, I guess it’s more accurate to say that different frugal strategies were warring and paying less for a strictly unnecessary feature won out over avoiding the expense by not texting at all.)

In celebration, I sent Cait a text saying Text away, baby!

Only I have her phone in my bag. Mine too.

So I am texting myself. At least it’s not costing me $.20 a pop anymore.



  1. True fact: I have never sent a text message. I tried to once, and it took me twenty minutes, and I don’t think it ever got to the recipient.

  2. Me, too, Annika. Me too.

  3. Man. Now I feel simultaneously thrilled that we can text y’all, and HORRIFICALLY GUILTY FOR THE TWO TIMES I DID.

  4. woo! yea me!

  5. i am in awe you’ve gone this long w/o a text plan. i’m not sure a waking hours passes when i don’t text… i’s my preferred method of communication – i really hate talking on the phone. just wait, soon you’ll need the fancy texting keyboard.


  6. I am all about the text! If it means I can avoid having a conversation with someone, but still get what they need, I’m good! I have the fastest thumbs in town!

  7. 1) I find it really funny that the comment thread is all about texting or not texting, while I wrote it to poke fun at myself for taking both the phones and essentially texting MYSELF. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2) Having free rein to text has had immediate repercussions: Cait went out and got a new, snazzy QWERTY phone for better texting. (And it only cost $2 because it was a free upgrade – the $2 was for parking!)

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