Posted by: thiscait | May 6, 2009

It Makes Me Smile

It’s been a rough week, and it’s only Wednesday. Discussions with my school about next year have been difficult. A neighbor is angry with us for something that we didn’t do, and has had no response to an email explaining that it wasn’t us. Plus an assortment of other ups and downs and sleep deprivation. So Teddy’s discovery of clapping, and his delight with his newfound skill could not have come at a better time. Witness…

(Can’t get video to embed.  Don’t know why.  But hopefully following the link won’t be too strenuous for you.)


  1. i love natalie’s “yay, teddy!” and obviously, the clapping is very sweet.

    glad it’s helping the week. one more day…that’s what we keep saying here.

  2. Oh my God…so cute!

  3. How cool is he!

  4. Adorable!

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