Posted by: thiscait | July 6, 2009

Still Here

Just tired. Life is taking pretty much all the energy we’ve got these days. We’re exploring options for selling our house and buying something with a little more space without actually leaving the area. Not easy to do when you don’t have a lot of money. Or when showing your house means frequent cleaning of the mess that two kids and two adults make in the process of living in an over crowded space. My work situation for next year is uncertain and that has been and will continue to be quite stressful. The kids are delightful, yet exhausting.

Teddy has, in a lovely range of unpredictable ways, not been sleeping well for the last…10 months? Every time we get to the bottom of one issue, a new one crops up, so we’re fabulously sleep deprived. He is also crawling, cruising, climbing, standing, figuring out how to get from sitting to standing completely unaided. He rebels furiously against any attempt to contain him or limit his freedom. He has the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen and charms anyone within a 10 mile radius.

Natalie is three, with all of the wonder that brings. She is incredibly verbal, and uses her skills both for good and for evil. We have decided that she could someday make a great lawyer, with her drive to negotiate and her unwillingness to take no for an answer. She alternately makes us laugh hysterically while marveling at her genius, and makes us want to stab our eyeballs out with a fork.
How did we get so lucky?


  1. omg! He has the best smile!! (well BOTH of them do!)

  2. He does has an amazing smile, just like his older sister!

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