Posted by: thiscait | October 28, 2009


While walking to school, talking about her friend Max:

N: Max is spelled M-A-X-S
Mama: Actually, honey, I think it’s M-A-X
N: No, Mama. There’s a ssssss sound at the end of Max. That’s the letter S. So Max is M-A-X-S

Well alrighty then. I did make a lame attempt to explain the X sound, but really there’s no point in trying to argue with emerging literacy.

The other night, Natalie read us three early reader books. They’re pretty basic, but still. We can’t get away with spelling things anymore. She MUST BE TOLD. Or, when we’re feeling teacher-like, we make her figure it out. Soon there will be no keeping anything from her at all. We are so screwed. (Especially since Teddy’s accomplishments of late include figuring out how to open all the doors in the house and climbing anything he comes across.)



  1. I think I am glad that P shows very little interest in learning to read. We spell E V E R Y T H I N G around here!

  2. we used to try and “adjective” our way around things, but yeah, spelling is SO much faster.

    Malka has figured out that “P-I-DOUBLEZ-A” is Pizza. 😉 But I think, to her, p-i-doublez-a is a word, just like pizza.

    We are working on sounding out letters. She is DETERMINED to learn how to read, or at least figure out if we are spelling treats in front of her!

    Way to go Nat!

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