Posted by: thiscait | November 29, 2009


While saying goodbye to some friends today, Teddy (out of nowhere) waved his hand and said “buh buh.” He then repeated this several times over the next hour before bed. Natalie was so early with the words, that by 15 months it was not terribly remarkable if she came up with a new one. Teddy is still at that stage where each new word is a big, exciting deal. I can’t imagine that my chatterbox girl ever couldn’t talk, and it blows my mind that someday the little guy will talk as much as his sister. How does it all happen so quickly?



  1. I didn’t realize the buh bye was new!

  2. Yea, Teddy!

    And soon, Natalie and Teddy can talk to EACHOTHER, leaving their parents alone for minutes at a time! Or, you know, at least I’m hoping with Malka and Noah Matan…

  3. How sweet! Just wait until he’s saying ‘buh buh’ to everything.

    Our Noah still insists on reporting to us, every time he says something to Josie. Shelli, is Malka actually talking directly to Noah Matan?

  4. Yes, wait till they’re talking to each other. Then you’ll have two little voices constantly going and you’ll miss these quieter days!

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