Posted by: thiscait | May 8, 2010

Photo Friday: Desks

I’ve never been a desk person. I suppose it’s not surprising, then, that I work in a school where teachers don’t really have them. I spend my time at work on my feet, on the floor, crouched next to a table and a working student. When meeting/planning, several of us crown around a table, perched on chairs sized for 4 year olds, or we sprawl across the meeting rug, papers strewn hither and yon.

By the time I finish a day at school, pick up kid(s), get home, get kids through the evening routine and into bed, I am flattened. As much of the remaining planning and work as possible gets done at this “desk.”

Photo Friday: My "Desk"

Yes, that’s the couch and my leg under a well-worn bedspread of Jen’s from her childhood. When I’m really working, there’s a binder and a variety of papers scattered about on the leg and perched on the back of the couch. I stay as reclined as possible and move as little as possible. Years of Lyme have made me an expert in laziness and energy conservation. Well, sometimes, anyway.

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  1. How cozy. Mmmm.

  2. I’m exactly the same way, and I also teach at a school without desks. When we move I am officially admitting this and getting rid of my desk, since all it does is serve as the base for my pile o’ crap. I’m buying a drawer unit instead.

  3. So from one laptop lady to another- how do you keep from burning your thighs from the heat of the computer?

    also- TOTALLY thrilling to see my blog on your lap!

  4. um. not sure that came out the way I meant it to. heh

  5. This has absolutely nothing to do with anything but I am pretty sure I had that pattern in sheets as a child. I just had a visceral response to those blue roses.

    So hi! I write a blog and my name is Julia and I feel pretty sure we know each other in a bloggy way and I am writing an article on… well it’s long-winded but I would love to talk to you about co-housing. Could you email me, please?

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