Posted by: thatjen | July 3, 2011

Standing on my head

I’m trying to see things more positively, even if it means turning upside-down so the glass looks half-full.  After two months or so of gluten avoidance, it seems that the best course of action for Cait’s health is that we make our house damn near gluten free.  Right now we’re still getting rid of some gluteny stuff we’ve got, but today I made the big decision to pack up all the unopened stuff from our basement shelves to donate to a food bank.  I decided I could either resent the situation and dwell on the money, or make the best of it and make our loss helpful someone else who is in a worse situation.  And it does feel better.

There are definitely still aspects of the transition for which I can’t see the positive – replacing the Kitchen Aid, just to name one – but I’m going to see what I can do to let go of the frustration and move forward with the smaller things, at least.

It’s not all forced Pollyanna smiles, either.  We truly are benefiting from the change in some ways, not the least of which is that it is forcing us to move even farther away from processed food, and shake up our food routines.  Tonight we had baked tofu, grilled vegetables, and zucchini fritters.  All naturally gluten free (except the fritters which required one simple substitution of GF flour blend for white flour) and all delicious.

I’m still me, though, and even though the glass is half full that does mean there’s an awful lot of empty in there too, so I will point out that Teddy hated all of it and Natalie only liked the tofu.  And cooking from scratch means a hellacious amount of dishes.

But it was tasty for the adults, it was in season, some of it was local, and it was healthy.  You can’t shake a stick at that.


  1. if boiling water can kasher a kitchen, surely it can remove gluten from a kitchenaide!

  2. Do you read gluten free girl?

  3. Sarah, yes. She is probablymy favorite GF blogger and definitely my go-to for GF recipes.

    Shell, while I’ve read that some elements of kashrut are parallel to modern food safety principles (whether or not that was a the intent), gluten intolerance isn’t one of them. Boiling water won’t get rid of gluten. Scrubbing will, *most* of the time, but not always. Non-stick pans and plastic cutting boards, for instance, can have deep enough scratches to trap tiny bits of gluten and release them the next time they are used (or several times later). Doesn’t matter if you scour them, dishwasher them or boil them. Maybe my favorite kashering implement, the blowtorch, could do it but I think you would not have much of a cutting board or skillet left to cook in. 🙂

    The Kitchen Aid is doubly bad – in our house it is primarily used for flour based recipes AND it has lots of crevices in which gluten could get trapped that cannot be thoroughly cleaned. The mixer head is a mass of cracks, nooks and crannies, but you can’t submerge it to clean it. Not to mention the amount of shaking and rattling the head goes through when in use, which could easily dislodge invisibly small gluten nasties into whatever is being made. We plan to put it in the basement until Cait has had a decent stretch of gluten free time without accidental exposure. At that point, we will clean the hell out of it as best we can (including using an air can!) and try making something GF in it and seeing if it bothers her.

    Excuse any typos – not used to iPad keyboard!

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