Posted by: thatjen | June 10, 2011

Perhaps We Should Have Called This Subtraction Problems…

I’ve been wanting to revive the blog for a while and so of course I’ve been thinking about what I’d post, but never finding the time to post it. The title came easily, and is pretty relevant to what we’ve been up to lately.

The biggest and most recent subtraction is that of gluten from Cait’s life. Her dad has Celiac Disease, so it had been on our radar for a while, but having had two negative blood tests, she was not terribly interested in pursuing the possibility since it meant giving up a group of foods she greatly enjoys. A variety of people and circumstances made her reconsider, and she has been gluten-free for about a month, with noticeable, even spectacular, improvement at times. (More on that, and the diagnostic process, to come. So much more. And did I mention more?)

Other subtractions include a good bit of weight on my part (as well as losing some unhealthy thinking and behaviors around food and exercise), many baby-related items from our home: bye bye crib! diapers! chubby cheeks (snif!), and as you’ve probably noticed, blogging. But we both want to get back to it, so here I am.

One issue in our lives is neither an addition or subtraction, yet. We wrangle with the question of family size. We have NOT subtracted our remaining vials, and instead removed another large chunk from our bank account for annual storage. However, we are reluctant to take away from the small amount of sanity and something approaching equilibrium that has recently returned to our home as the kids move further and further from babyhood and the accompanying sleep deprivation, etc. We’re leaving the door open, I guess, but we’re staying away from the hallway too.

There is the matter of the last word in the title, too. Nothing in life is easy, and all of these changes have posed problems. So there’s a lot to write about, and we mean to get back to doing so. Hopefully our readership hasn’t been entirely subtracted at this point!


  1. Knew you were too busy being a busy adorable family to blog. Yay.
    Good to see the update.

  2. I’m still here! All hail Google Reader.

  3. Im still here too. I was very excited to see a new post from you and look forward to more.

  4. you’re still in my reader. xo

  5. Oh how I’ve missed you! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

  6. Still here! Ready to read what you have to write.

  7. Glad to hear your family is doing well. Just wanted to add that as Cait does have the potential to be a Celiac she has the right to request the genetic test to identify for sure IF she is at risk. This is far more accurate than Celiac blood panels. If the genetic test is positive it means that while she may not have it now she must be watched and periodically tested via the blood panels and should those show one day it has “kicked in” an endoscopy biopsy will give the final diagnosis. Should the genetic test we negative she is off the hook so to speak. Here’s hoping she is only gluten-intolerant or gluten-allergic (extremely rare) as neither of these have the devastating consequences Celiac Disease may cause.

    • She has one of the genes but not the other. Her biopsy was negative but since she has such a positive response to gluten avoidance and such a clear reaction to cross contamination, we believe she does have Celiac and the damage is too minimal to show up in the biopsy. She is avoiding all gluten and will continue to do so for the rest of her life.

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